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Hi my name is Tanya and welcome to my site, The White Punjabi Bride. I met my partner online and decided to take a leap of faith for love and made the move to India. We had our own Big Fat Punjabi Wedding and haven't looked back since.


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The Many Fashions Of Punjabi Women

June 5, 2017

Many who live in India for an extended period of time always tend to pick up local habits, which can be both good and bad. Though the few habits I had picked up whilst living in Punjab, I very quickly left behind once I returned to Australia. Many habits I refused to adapt to and the few that I did were mostly because this was their way of life. Many habits ten...

June 5, 2017

Bazaar's also known as a market, are always buzzing with activity no matter the size or location in India. Whether they be located in the countryside or the heart of the city. Though do keep in mind with each region of India traditions and customs will vary.

Albeit most bazaar's are typically overflowing with local stall holders selling anything from fruit & veg...

May 26, 2017

Ever wondered why it's completely normal for Indian, in particular Punjabi guys (and gals) to live at home till they're well into their thirties or beyond? Only of recent years has the concept of adult children living at home become more widely accepted in the western culture. Though it is still highly stigmatised and one is typically greeted with "You still li...

January 31, 2017

Those of us who have not been raised within a culture that has planned your future bride to be since birth, simply cannot fathom the arranged marriage. Especially those who have decided to take a leap of faith to be in a bi-cultural relationship only to be dumped for a bride who your boyfriend has never met in his life. I have unfortunately experienced the pain...

January 29, 2017

Spring is almost upon us in Punjab with the end of Winter fast approaching. The harsh cold mornings of Winter are long gone in exchange for the cool soft breezes of Spring. Fields are glowing with golden mustard flowers in full bloom and vibrant green pastures of young wheat crops.  It is a time when the people of Punjab will celebrate the passing of Winter Sol...

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