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Hi my name is Tanya and welcome to my site, The White Punjabi Bride. I met my partner online and decided to take a leap of faith for love and made the move to India. We had our own Big Fat Punjabi Wedding and haven't looked back since.


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January 10, 2017

Living in another country you tend to adapt to the culture at hand, so much so that you almost lose sight of your own culture and values. It is difficult to maintain a balance of both cultures when many traditions and customs of the Indian Culture are deemed of utmost importance. So how can one respect both cultures? I find myself asking this very question as I...

December 26, 2016

The Indian Culture has by most part been rewarding albeit certainly challenging at times. Just when you thought you had  come to terms with all the cultural aspects alas you hit another speed hump in the road. Today of all days is supposed to be a joyous time celebrating with friends and family - Christmas Day. However just as we were planning to leave for dinn...

December 21, 2016

The great thing about India is that you never really know what to expect on any given day. I am a person who likes to have a routine and schedule any plans that we make. However there is no such thing as scheduling in India other than being delivered a Wedding Invitation with a set date. For the most part being advised last minute to get ready I find extremely...

December 9, 2016

When I first arrived in India there were many things I had wished I packed with me. I never even gave these items a second thought as I just assumed I could obtain them anywhere in the world. But alas, I was only too shocked to discover I could not buy these items anywhere. This doesn't just apply to everyday items but to everyday things that you simply never e...

December 6, 2016

It's late morning in Winter, the sun is shining warmly over the cool air in the countryside of Punjab. We are all seated on hand woven lounge chairs in the front courtyard of my mother in laws home sipping on cha. Or more commonly known as tea. There are only women present, and they are laughing heartily amongst one another whilst talking vigorously. Some of th...

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