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10 Affordable & Colourful Diwali Table Setting Ideas

10 Affordable & Colourful Diwali Table Setting Ideas

More often than not, we go to great lengths to decorate our homes for Diwali but neglect the dinner table. If you’re having guests over to celebrate Diwali, decorating your dining table is a simple way to add some colour and set the scene for your night of celebrations. If you’re like me, you usually have the best intentions to decorate your home but then never get time to do it.

Therefore this makes for a simple alternative for those who simply don’t have the time. You also don’t need to spend a great deal to create a fun and colourful tablescape. Here are a few ideas to help recreate your own Diwali Tablescape.

10 Affordable & Colourful Diwali Table Setting Ideas

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Decorative Paper As An Alternative

It can be difficult to find a tablecloth or placemats that match your colour scheme, so why not opt for paper instead. If you have a nice wrapping paper or even scrapbooking paper you can easily use either of those as a placemat or even table runner. You’ll find that some party stores sell paper table runners for a fraction of the price. You can even then continue the theme by creating matching place setting cards or napkin rings by simply using a thin strip of the paper to wrap around your napkin.

Make Your Own Tablecloth Or Napkins To Suit Your Colour Scheme

Following in the same direction, if you’re struggling to find a tablecloth, table runner, placemats or napkins to match your colour scheme, then why not create your own using fabric. Spotlight have an array of colourful and fun fabrics to suit any colour scheme. You don’t even need to use a sewing machine if you don’t have one.

All I did to make my own napkins was cut some brocade fabric to shape, then frayed the edges. Or if you have the time and capability then you can create a tidy look by sewing yours. Fraying the edges can also be easily done for a table runner or placemat. Alternatively you can cut a piece of thick cardboard and glue your fabric over it to create a placemat.

Why Not Include Fruit With Your Floral Centrepieces

If you don’t have the budget to include flowers in your centrepiece, then why not try using fruit that compliment your colour scheme. I incorporated fruits with flowers, however you can simply use fruit placed strategically on the table around other decor items or in decorative bowls. Grapes are always a great fruit to use for table settings which is what I opted for. Why not try using slices of fruit such as oranges around the inside lining of vases as a stand-alone centrepiece or fill with flowers. Or use whole and cut fruits throughout your table setting. The choices are endless so let your creativity run wild.

Make Your Own Napkin Rings

A simple way to add an extra special touch, is by making your own napkin rings. It can be as simple as what I did, by using bauble party necklaces found in the party department at most general stores. You could also add a few pom poms or tassels which you can easily make to match your colour scheme. Adding a single flower is another simple yet colourful alternative. Again the possibilities are endless when it comes to making your own napkin rings. Theres absolutely no need to go out and spend $10 each on napkin rings.

Add An Extra Touch With Dinner Party Favours

A nice little extra touch to personalise your dinner party is to gift your guests dinner party favours, similar to what you would find at a wedding. It doesn’t have to be extravagant and since it’s Diwali most of us gift our guests traditional sweets anyway. So it could be as simple as placing your sweets in a decorative favour bag or box. Diya’s are another popular Diwali gift or even tealight holders and candles in a jar.

Use Charger Plates Or Place Mats To Add Colour

Thanks to department stores like Kmart and Target, it’s a lot more affordable these days to include charger plates or placemats to your table setting. Charger plates are simply the large decorative plate that sits under the dinner plate and effectively works similar to a placemat. Either way they’re a great way to add a touch of colour or elegance to your table setting. With Christmas also just around the corner, there’s a great variety of charger plates to be found at the moment.

Hurricanes & Tealight Holders Can Also Function As Vases

I usually struggle to find colourful and vibrant vases and have found that hurricanes and tealight holders work just as well. Even hurricanes that are made with decorative cut out metal can easily work as a vase if you place a clear jar/vase on the inside. Stores such as Dusk are my go to place when it comes to finding colourful candle holders to use as vases. When you’re not using them as a vase you can use it as a candle holder once again. They’re a great versatile decor item to keep in your cupboard.

Candles Are A Great Staple To Add Colour

Candles come in an array of colours these days and can easily be used on their own as a table centrepiece. Or are easily incorporated to add a splash of colour. Candles are a great staple that will never be out of season and can be used at every celebration.

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix & Match Your Dinnerware

If you have a few different dinnerware sets, don’t be afraid to mix and match different colours and patterns. It’s a simple and affordable way to add colour to your table setting. If you’re on the lookout for new dinnerwares then why not buy individual items to mix and match. Mixing in different glassware colours and textures is another simple solution.

Flowers Are A Versatile Way To Add Colour

Flowers are a great staple for any table setting and super versatile, although they can easily become quite expensive. However you don’t need to spend a lot to make an impact with flowers. Opt for a basic flower in a few different colours that you can arrange yourself. Foliage from your backyard can also be incorporated to add some colour. Try alternating heights in different vases. You can achieve such different looks by rearranging your flowers in different ways. Keep trying till you find what works for you.

Recreate Your Own Diwali Tablescape
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