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How To Make Chai Masala

How To Make Chai Masala

If there is one thing I have learnt about living in India it's that they love their masala. The word masala simply means spices. There is a wide variety of masala mixes that you have most likely come across such as chai. There are many variations to chai masala and the variations you purchase in western countries usually differ to those of India. Here is one variation that I have become quite fond of with the addition of a couple of other spices. Surprisingly cinnamon and nutmeg aren't popular with locals here in my district of Punjab and chai masala therefore doesn't have these spices included. For best results buy spices in whole rather than powder however you can opt to use powder. This ensures that your masala remains fragrant for longer. Also ensure your spices are dried not fresh. Making your own powder means you can alter it to your own taste. Start of with small amounts first then gradually add more of your desired spice to adapt this recipe to your own taste as this recipe isn't for everyone.

Chai Masala Recipe

1/4 Part Cardamom

1/4 Part Amomum

1/4 Part Nutmeg

1/4 Part Black Peppercorns

1/4 Part Cassia

1/4 Part Star Anise

1/4 Part Cloves

1/4 Part Fennel Seeds

1 Part Green Cardamom

1 Part Cinnamon

2 Parts Ginger


Cinnamon, peppercorns, cloves

Once you have ground all the spices together and have achieved your desired taste. Store it in an airtight container at room temperature. Spices lose their flavour kept at cold temperatures. If you have made a large quantity keep a separate container for the chai masala you intend to use on a regular basis. The masala will lose its fragrance each time you open the container.

You can use your Chai Masala for cooking though in particular for making Chai Tea. I personally use it to add to stewed fruits, porridge, custard and tea. Making chai tea is super easy! All you need is Indian Tea which is made from the stem not the leaf. So it is much stronger in flavour and aroma. The other ingredients most people have in their pantry. Just boil in a saucepan milk, tea, sugar, drizzle of honey and chai masala to your taste. You can dilute it with water if you prefer but I like the creaminess of using milk.

Making Tea

Making chai tea

How do you make your Chai Masala at home?

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