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10 Things To Expect Marrying Into A Punjabi Family

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

10 Things To Expect Marrying Into A Punjabi Family

The Punjabi People are passionate people wearing their heart on their sleeves and celebrate life with gusto. They are socially innate beings with a calendar full of events to attend and all are generally attended with much enthusiasm. So if you are marrying into the Punjabi Culture here's a light hearted take on what to expect marrying into a Punjabi family.

10 Things To Expect

Marrying Into A Punjabi Family


1. You Are Now Related To Every Singh

Once married to a Punjabi you will soon discover relatives you never knew existed. Eventually it will feel like you are related to every Singh & Kaur in India as you visit all your extended family from Amritsar, Bathinda to Delhi. Should you live abroad then be ready to be mentioned to all their family & friends, as they proudly announce they have relatives in Canada or Australia.

2. Roti Is Your New Staple Diet

A staple of the Punjabi diet is wheat given Punjab is known for its wheat production being the agricultural state of India. Therefore it is no surprise that roti's, an Indian flatbread, are eaten for every meal either as an accompaniment or on their own. There are many varieties of roti such as paratha or poori and can be simple or mixed with other ingredients.

3. You Better Know How To Dance

Those jubilant dance numbers in Bollywood Movies is the essence of a Punjabi. If you are a man and don't know the bhangara then you better learn fast. There are many social events in the Punjabi culture so there will be many occasions where you will need to whip out those dance moves. For the most part Punjabi's don't need an excuse to dance as any occasion is a reason to dance!

4. There's No Time For Sleep In Wedding Season

In the cooler months of the year commencing around November, is Wedding Season. This is when every bride chooses to wed given the heat in the Summer months is unbearable in Punjab. Invitations will start flooding in and you probably won't know most of the brides or grooms. Personally I like Wedding Season as it means that you get an abundance of free traditional sweets with every invitation. Oh and of course nothing beats a Punjabi Wedding experience!

5. Better Be Accustomed To Being Vegetarian

As most Punjabi's are of the Sikh Faith they cannot consume meat and of those who do choose to, they only eat chicken. So you will most likely find yourself soon becoming a vegetarian as you consume the many vegetarian curries that are famous in the Punjabi Culture such as Dahl (lentils), Saarg (Mustard Leaves) or Aloo & Matter (Peas & Potato). I have not met a Punjabi household who does not eat these curries at least twice in a week.

6. Time To Party, Party, Party

The Punjabi is an innate social being with many the social event scheduled in their calendar from wedding season to all the religious festivals. There will always be an occasion to celebrate and bring out the party shoes.

7. Adjust Your Tone To Loud If You Want To Be Heard

I personally am still not accustomed to the level of loud that the Punjabi's speak with. When I first arrived I thought everyone was fighting with one another as they candidly threw their hands in the air yelling at one another. Turns out this is just how they speak. So if you want to be heard you will need to match their tone. Just be sure you don't raise it so much that it actually comes across as yelling. There is a fine line!

8. Address Everyone With Gee/Ji

Being Punjabi means that everyone you know is now addressed as such and such ji. This is a sign of respect in their culture. I am referred to as bhabi ji meaning sister in law by my brother and I refer to him as dior ji meaning brother in law. Just be sure to add ji at the end and you can't go wrong.

9. They Talk With Their Hands

Ever noticed just how expressive Punjabi people are when they talk, their hands usually are telling a story at the same time they speak. Even I have started to speak with my hands as it is just so infectious. You can almost speak with your hands alone and they will know what you are saying!

10. They Are Generous

There is no such thing as saving in the Punjabi dictionary unless it is for someone else. They tend to spend their money on others rather than themselves. Such as my parents for instance since joining the family they have attended to all my needs and ensured that I am as comfortable as possible. It is also tradition for the eldest son to inherit the family properties so that he can then take care of the family once the parents pass. This is all just part of the generosity and openness of the Sikh Faith.

Have you married into a Punjabi family?

What have you found about the Punjabi way of life? Be sure to leave your comments below in the comments field!

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