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Girl Dramas: Indian Vs Western Culture

Updated: May 17, 2020

Girl Dramas: Indian vs Western Culture

Being a woman holds with it many challenges and these will vary with cultures, however essentially remain the same! Although I live in India I still somehow seem to have the same dilemmas but in a different cultural context. Here are some of the daily dilemmas of many Indian women vs what many western women worry about. This is just for a bit of lighthearted fun! Girl Dramas: Indian vs Western Culture.

I Can't Go Out I Have No Matching Dupatta Vs I Can't Go Out I Have No Matching Shoes

Women must wear a dupatta to cover themselves at all times, even when home alone or doing the household chores. It is typically draped across their bust and hangs down the back or is worn similar to a scarf in the cooler weather. I once took my dupatta off as it was just unbearably hot being covered head to toe in a Punjabi Suit and having a dupatta draped over me. The next thing you know we have guests drop in and I am in the midst of greeting them without my dupatta. Meanwhile everyone is glaring at me as my husband quickly pulls me away into the bedroom. All because I didn't have a dupatta covering my already heavily covered bust. So you can imagine the dilemma trying to find a dupatta to match your outfit daily especially when wedding season arrives. Meanwhile in the western culture women are worrying over finding a pair of shoes to match their outfit.

I Need To Go On A Diet - No More Roti's Vs I Need To Go On A Diet - No More Chocolate

Punjab is the agriculture state therefore wheat is the staple food of the Punjabi household. Diets consist of roti, roti, roti and then some more roti. Eating heavy carbohydrates all day long does not work well for the waistline. So when a woman needs to diet they cut down on the roti. Meanwhile in the western culture there is such an abundance of unhealthy foods to gorge yourself on that it's usually anything sweet or unhealthy that needs to be cut from a woman's diet.

OMG My Kurti Has Been Tucked Into My Salwar All Day Vs OMG My Fly's Been Undone All Day

With all the cotton in a Punjabi Suit it is easy to walk out of the bathroom with the back of your kurti tucked into your salwar. This has happened to me on a few occasions, thankfully though only whilst at home. Meanwhile the dilemma every western woman has is walking out with her fly undone.

Applies Whitening Cream In The Hopes Of Getting Whiter Vs Applies Tanning Cream In The Hopes Of Getting Darker

Every beauty product in India comes with some form of whitening agent in it, which is why I always pack my own products. A creamy white complexion is seen as beauty in India, the whiter you are the more beautiful you are. I personally think I look ill at times being so white but I am forever receiving compliments about just how beautiful my complexion is. Meanwhile in the western culture every woman is applying faux tan or better yet sunbaking in the hopes of achieving that olive sunkissed complexion.

Get's Sunburnt Can't See Where Sunburn Is Vs Get's Sunburnt Is Bright Red All Over

Indian women in Summer will tend to avoid the sunrays as a few minutes in the sun usually results in their complexion darkening. If they spend time in the sun daily well that beautiful chocolate brown can turn into a shade of black. They don't get those red blistering sunburns that us Caucasian women suffer.

Your Marriage Is Planned Before You Are Born Vs You Just Turned 30 And Still Hoping To Meet The Right One

Indian Women are raised to be wives and mothers, therefore from the day they are born their parents have most likely already arranged who their future husband will be. Meanwhile most women in the western culture are free to choose their own partner in life which can be a difficult process at times. With some women not finding a husband till their 30's or 40's, or even worse yet never marrying at all. God have wrath on the Indian woman who does not marry!

Doesn't Eat - Everyone Thinks You Are Sick Vs Doesn't Eat - Everyone Thinks You Are On A Diet

The moment you say no to second helpings at dinner or that cup of cha visiting your Aunty's house, everyone in India starts questioning your health. Oh you must be sick, as surely there must be something wrong if you aren't eating. Meanwhile in the western culture it is just assumed you must be on another fad diet. As every woman apparently is on a mission to become trim and taut.

Visit's Doctor Unwell Is Diagnosed With Fatal Condition Vs Visit's Doctor On Death Bed Is Sent Home To Rest

Doctor's in India take their job seriously and you almost always leave with a new condition and several scripts. Many people in India won't visit the doctor unless they absolutely have to. Meanwhile in the western culture doctor's see so many patients who have googled their symptoms or need a sick day from work, that you end up leaving with a diagnosis of the simple cold and told to rest. Doesn't matter if you actually have a fatal condition or the simple cold, the diagnosis is the same.

Do I Look Skinny In This Vs Do I Look Fat In This

Indian men love curvy women and most Indian women are slender yet aspire to be curvy. I don't mean curvy in a polite way for a robust woman, I simply mean healthy. Most Bollywood Actresses are curvy not slim and this is what the average Indian woman aspires to be. Meanwhile in the western culture women in Hollywood are slender and the average woman aspires to be this image. To many, slim is seen as beautiful.

I Need New Foundation As It Is Too White For My Skin Tone Now Vs I Need New Foundation As It Is Too Dark For My Skin Tone Now

Indian women will do anything in their means to look fairer, including wearing a fair foundation. You will see women in India who will have white as white faces that simply don't match the rest of their skin tone. Usually mostly at special events such as a wedding as most women avoid wearing makeup daily. So when Summer arrives and they spend time out in the sun the nice shade of porcelain foundation probably will look ridiculous. Meanwhile in the western culture women are always trying their best to look tanned and usually wear darker shades of foundation. So once Winter arrives the foundation they wore in Summer won't match their new skin tone of pasty white.

Who can relate to these daily dilemmas?

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