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Insert Life Advice Here:-

Those of you who share your life openly, would undoubtedly know what it is like to receive unsolicited advice. Some of it is given in the nature of sincerity and caring, however most of it is to criticise how my views and experiences are wrong. Recently I have started to blog about my life experiences living in India as a foreign bride, which by no means is an invitation for life advice. Mostly about how my views of Indian Culture as a foreigner are wrong. Particularly because I don't live in urban India which apparently is what Indian Culture revolves around, rather than the collective societies that make up India and it's culture. Or then there are those who advise me I am wrong to openly accept the culture at hand especially certain negative aspects.

The definition of culture is the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. It is also inclusive of the ideas, customs and social behaviour of a particular society.

So not only do those who decide to provide me with unsolicited life advice, contribute to the culture of India, but also the social behaviours and customs that I experience. Which is what I choose to blog about. Imagine how boring life would be if we all followed the same path in life? If we all had the same experiences that collectively made up the culture that we live in.

There is no right or wrong viewpoint when it comes to your own life experiences. What I am criticised for are my own experiences and views about my life. I certainly have never insinuated that my views are what defines Indian Culture but merely it is just a small part of it as an individual contributor.

It is not only the positive aspects of a society that create a culture, it is also those negative aspects. It is these challenges that we learn from and better ourselves - broadening our wisdom and culture. You simply cannot deny or ignore the down points to any culture, as it is usually these aspects that define the positive attributes. Personally having had bad experiences in life have only made me more compassionate. How can one improve if they simply choose to ignore the negative aspects of a particular culture?

I have made the decision to blog about my life in India in the hope to challenge or reinforce instilled beliefs, share my experiences with others who may be faced with a similar situation, and simply because I enjoy writing and hearing about others opinions or experiences.

It doesn't automatically imply - insert life advice here.

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