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5 Benefits To Being In An Interracial Relationship

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

5 Benefits to Being in an Interracial Relationship

Being in an interracial relationship is certainly rewarding albeit at times it can be challenging. If you follow my blog you will know that I write about the good, the bad and the ugly as we all know that so many social media accounts these days plaster what seems to be this perfect life. But in reality what they don't share is the hard work and many challenges they face to achieve that seemingly perfect life.

Now I've shared plenty of the challenges we face, so here are the benefits to being in an interracial relationship, whether you are dating or married. Sharing cultures is a rewarding experience that broadens your horizons and opens you up to so many possibilities in life.


1. Life Is A Nonstop Celebration

Being a Punjabi is a nonstop party in itself with the amount of celebrations in the Punjabi Calendar. As I have said before, those endless jubilant dance numbers in Bollywood movies is the very essence of a Punjabi. Not only do I get to celebrate my husband's culture, but we also get to celebrate my Finnish and Australian ethnicity.

Which means we have a very, very busy calendar and life is a nonstop celebration! Alexandra from Masala Mommas, who happens to also be married to an Indian, writes an interesting article on her 9 Benefits To Being In A Bicultural Marriage. Life being a nonstop celebration is one point of many that we both agree on!

2. Possibilities Are Endless

Living across two countries you meet a whole lot of new people along the way. Who knows how these people can enrich your life. Not only that, I get the opportunity to live or travel across India whenever I please.

Chantilly from Bicultural Familia writes an interesting article on Bicultural Bliss: 10 Benefits Of Biculturalism. She also makes point that being in a bi-cultural lifestyle creates many unique opportunities for learning.

3. Experience Multiple Cultures

The best part about a cross cultural relationship is experiencing one another's culture. My husband and I are forever learning new things about each other's culture, that life is never boring.

We have chose to live between both our home countries, currently residing in India and are soon bound for Australia. Living in India I have been fortunate to experience much of the culture from the many aromatic and delightful foods, exquisite artisans, charismatic people, intricate architecture, and meaningful traditions.

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4. Extended Family Across The Globe

Punjabi's are very family oriented people and I now have the big family that I always wanted. Sure I had a big family before but now it almost feels as though I am related to every other Singh. When you share a culture you have an instant connection with others whether they are family or not. I can always seek comfort in knowing that I will never be alone now that we have family across the globe from India, to Finland and back to Australia.

5. Hold Multiple Passports

I am already from a multicultural family with my mother being Finnish and father Australian so I have my Australian and European Passports. But now I am married to a Punjabi so I can apply for an Indian Passport. This opens up so many possibilities, we can ultimately live in any of these countries with no hassles. This is an opportunity many don't have, however it is by no means why you should solely marry someone, but it is just one of the perks.

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This list could be endless however these are just the top 5 of an array of benefits to being in an interracial relationship. Any relationship is beneficial and broadens your horizons, however a cross cultural relationship broadens your horizon a little bit further. Read more about Growing Up Gupta's experience, The Art Of Interracial Marriage.

What benefits would you add to being in an interracial relationship?

Leave your comments below in the comments field.


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