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10 Reasons Why A Punjabi Wedding Is The Best

Updated: May 15, 2020

The Punjabi Culture just like the Indian Culture, varies between regions of Punjab. So whilst one wedding you may have noticed a particular tradition, another wedding may have a completely different tradition. You can't even compare an Indian Wedding to a Punjabi Wedding as the traditions are very different depending on the religion and region. I may be biased when I say this, but a Punjabi Wedding is by far the most elaborate, joyous and fun wedding you will ever attend.

Though keep in mind a Wedding in Punjab compared to westernised Punjabi Weddings or Punjabi Weddings depicted in a Bollywood Movie, are not always as elegant. Unless you are living in a major city of Punjab most Wedding Palace's can be a bit tacky for the westerner but it is the in thing in Punjab. They are decorated in multi coloured plastic flowers that are hung on anything and everything, multi coloured silks draped everywhere with no particular colour theme, dirty carpets and chairs, large statues and flower vases placed anywhere and everywhere of almost anything such as dolphins, with an old worn and frayed couch for the bride and groom to sit on for their wedding photos. These Palaces aren't cheap either considering. However with that said it doesn't mean a Punjabi Wedding isn't as fun.

I have read many articles about Punjabi Weddings and each and every one of these articles feature photos from Bollywood Movies which just aren't real. The concept is correct but a real Punjabi Wedding just isn't as lavish and hundreds of guests don't all dance in sync. Though Punjabi Weddings abroad and in major cities of Punjab tend to be more elegant as they have access to better venues, professionals and wedding adornments. You can read more about Behind The Scenes Of A Real Punjabi Wedding.

I have sourced all my images from the talented Harnav Bir Singh from Ludhiana Punjab. He photographs real Punjabi Weddings of every caliber. You can view his photography via his site I have no affiliation with Harnav Bir Singh, I simply admire his work as he can capture the very essence of a wedding. On his site you can view photographs from all the weddings and events he has attended as the photographer.

10 Reasons Why

Punjabi Weddings Are The Best

The Bride Is Covered In The Most Expensive Anything

As you would most likely know a Punjabi Wedding is a very auspicious occasion and the more jewellery and more elaborate the Lehanga & Dupatta the better. The bride will be decked out in the most expensive of everything. Jewellery is an important part of the bridal wear and she will be adorned in as many pieces as possible. Here you can read more about The Attire Of A Punjabi Birde. Punjabi's are very status conscious so the bigger the better.

The Punjabi Bride
The Punjabi Bride

It Is A Nonstop Celebration

A Punjabi Wedding can seem like it lasts for months on end with the amount of traditions that are celebrated. It is not just the wedding day you are required to attend. There are other celebrations that are even bigger and better than the wedding day such as The Mehndi Ceremony and Jaago. So be ready to party if you are invited to attend a Punjabi Wedding.

You Get To Over Indulge In Punjabi Cuisines

The best part of attending a Punjabi Wedding is the amount of food that is displayed at the buffet to be gorged on by all the guests. There will be multiple buffet tables where you can get your fill of hot, cold, sweet and savoury Punjabi cuisines. Even outdoors there will be an array of street food vendors ready to serve you. Again it isn't just the wedding where you get to indulge. Depending on the host you are most likely going to be over indulging in traditional sweets at almost every event. Be sure to save room for food at Jaago Celebrations as you will be attending the wedding the very next morning with another buffet of food to gorge on.

The Buffet
The Buffet

It Is A Community Affair

A Punjabi Wedding is a time for the community to bless the newly wedded couple for their lives together as husband and wife. So you can expect hundreds most likely thousands of guests on the wedding day. Even the bride and groom won't know all the guests. But the more the merrier right!

The Punjabi Aunties

Everyone knows the Punjabi Aunty she will be gossiping with all the other Aunties at the wedding usually bragging about how wonderful her children are. She will also be searching for potential brides or grooms for her son or daughter. So if you are single be warned she might just approach you. She also has ears that can sense drama from a mile away so you can be sure she will be at the scene before everyone else.

The Punjabi Aunties
The Punjabi Aunties

People Throwing Cash Everywhere

There is a never ending flow of cash at a Punjabi Wedding usually being thrown around without a care. Like the scene from Wolf Of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio throwing cash. It is tradition to throw cash over the bride and groom when they enter the reception or whilst performing shagan. The cash is only collected by the poor, in Punjab the poor are aware of this tradition and will be waiting at venues ready. No one else will pick up the cash that has been thrown. I made that mistake of finding cash on the floor thinking it was dropped by someone and was told to quickly throw it back on the floor. It is a form of blessing and it is believed that the most needy will provide the strongest blessing. Therefore large amounts are usually thrown around. Cash is also usually thrown on the dance floor though I am unsure if this has any meaning behind it other than showing status.

Throwing Money In The Air
Money, Money, Money

All The Beautifully Dressed Guests

Every Punjabi will own at least one blinged out outfit for attending weddings. It is the norm to be decked out in the most elaborate Punjabi Suit with embellishments and embroidery along with a matching dupatta. Don't forget the jutti usually trimmed in gold along with as much jewellery as possible. A Punjabi Woman will wear heavily applied make up in the fairest shade of foundation possible but the most vibrant lipstick and eyeshadow. Her hair is usually braided or worn in a bun with more embellishments. Whilst all the guests are beautifully dressed they will never outshine the bride who will always have the most jewellery and the most elaborate Lehanga Choli and bridal mehndi. You can always tell who the bride is from the crowd. A Punjabi Wedding is a sea of colours making it a feast for the eyes!

The Beautiful Sisters Of The Bride & Groom
The Beautiful Sisters Of The Bride & Groom

Punjabi's Know How To Party

You probably have already guessed by now that Punjabi's know how to party given they celebrate weddings with as many traditions possible. They also provide a never ending supply of alcohol at every occasion. Anything from Whisky to Scotch to more Whisky and Scotch. These being the choice of drink for any Punjabi. So be ready to get your drink on if you are a man as women aren't permitted to consume alcohol in Punjab. If you live abroad then you will find most Sikhs are more lenient with this. Punjabi's will also carry guns and fire rounds into the air just for fun. Although this part I condemn given people have died from gun shots by drunk men at weddings.

The Entertainment & Loud Music

There is always entertainment and Punjabi Music at every Punjabi Wedding. Many opt for traditional dancers or singers to perform at their wedding reception. There will also be a live DJ should there not be a live singer. You can expect every pre-wedding celebration to have some form of entertainment that will be just as bright and loud as Punjabi's are.

Traditional Punjabi Dancers
Traditional Punjabi Dancers

It Is Over The Top

A Punjabi Wedding is always going to be over the top in almost every way possible. There will either be silks of every colour draped everywhere, faux flowers hanging from anything that stands still, brightly coloured lights, fireworks in the evening, pyrotechnics in the reception, statues and large urns, and just about anything that they can imagine. There is no limit to their imagination. Just about everything a Punjabi does for a wedding is over the top from the bridal attire and jewellery, make up, food, entertainment, and so on. There is no such thing as too much!

Pyrotechnics Go Off With A Bang
Pyrotechnics Go Off With A Bang

If you ever get the chance to attend a Punjabi Wedding you must attend with just as enthusiasm and gusto as a Punjabi would. It is a fun and joyous occasion and an experience to remember. If you are marrying into the Punjabi Culture be sure to read 10 Things To Expect At Your Punjabi Wedding.

Have you had the pleasure of attending a Punjabi Wedding?

What would you add to this list?

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