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Returning Home To Australia Without My Husband

My six month long stay came to an end in April and I had to return home to Australia. This is partly due to wanting to avoid the dreaded Indian Summer and because I was terribly ill. Although I enjoy the Indian lifestyle my body is just not accustomed to the polluted environment, extreme weather or limited diet. So albeit my tourist visa had expired I was not in a position to stay any longer.

The Indian diet just did not sit well with my body given I have been brought up with a varied diet. As you would know the last two months I was severely ill with a mouth infection and food poisoning. Although Indians consume a lot of vegetables it doesn't cover enough of the five food groups. It is also very high in fats in spices which aren't good for the digestive tract. You can read more about When You Live In India And Can't Eat Indian Food.

Since we married in India last February we decided to apply for my husband's Permanent Residency for Australia. Apparently this process can take one or two years of your life, just waiting and collecting evidence. At times it can feel like we are collecting evidence rather than memories which is what any normal couple would do. Not only does this put an immense financial strain on you, but it is also an emotional nightmare. Applying for residency can cost thousands.

Being home without him is stressful, as our lives are still on hold yet we still need to live. I also try to keep the Indian culture alive in my daily life without him here. Until such time as he is allowed back in the country he will live with his family whilst I remain here.

Has anyone else gone through residency before in Australia?

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