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The Bloggers To Follow Who Have Married Into The Indian Culture

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

The Bloggers To Follow Who Have Married Into The Indian Culture

Since starting my own blog in 2016, The White Punjabi Bride, I have stumbled across many, many more bloggers who like me have married into the Indian Culture. So as a quick reference for anyone else who is newly married into the culture or perhaps just starting an interracial relationship, here are the blogs to add to your favourites list. You will find plenty of hints & tips about being in an interracial relationship or marriage, raising a multicultural family and read about their experiences living the Indian lifestyle.

The list of bloggers continues to grow so I thought it was about time to give it a quick update and include all the new blogs I have since come across. Some of the below blogs are no longer updated however they are still a good source albeit they don't have any new content.

If there are any that I have missed then be sure to leave comments below with the website address so that I may include them. To those bloggers I have listed I apologise if I have made any errors in my summary of your blog. Please let me know if I have done so.


After two years of dating the wedding preparations commenced for Abbey and Money. Baby Singh followed not too long after and now they’re a happy family of three in New Zealand. Abbey and Money are Vloggers who share their bicultural lifestyle on YouTube, though do also have a website.


Lisa is a Jersey Girl who fell in love with a Sikh and had her own fairytale Big Fat Punjabi Wedding. She was the first to share her wedding story on the blog which can be found under the Punjabi Weddings category. On Buddaful Brit Lisa shares her adventures about life as a bicultural couple and the hilarity that ensues. Although her blog isn't regularly updated these days, it is still full of heartfelt stories that are a must read.


A Life In Constant Motion

Eliza is an American expat currently living in the Middle East with her Malayalee husband Arjun. She married the love of her life in India and had her own Big Fat Kerala Nair Wedding which she shared on the blog. You can read about her wedding under Culture & Traditions. On her blog she shares her adventures as a bicultural couple, including more in depth details about her wedding experiences.


The Story Of Aman & Krista

Is the diaries of Krista and Aman who fell in love while working for the same company, but in different countries. Krista flew from America to India to meet Aman after years of talking long distance and hasn't looked back since. They had their own Big Fat Punjabi Wedding which you can read on the blog under Punjabi Weddings. Born To Singh is a fairly new blog which shares their life together in India.


Brittany is married to her Indian husband with 3 lovely bi cultural children living in her home country of America. She started her blog to share with others her bi-cultural family story in the hopes of helping them blend cultures in their family. This blog is perfect for those with a bi-cultural family as it is full of hints and tips based on Brittany's experiences.


Intercultural Marriage. Multicultural Motherhood. Our Life In India.

Crystal is an American who made the move to India for love. They eventually married and now live in New Delhi with their baby daughter. She blogs about her life as a foreign wife living in India with a bi-cultural family.


Be Bold and Colourful

Cynthia known as Cyn is from Switzerland and made the move to India to follow her heart. They eventually married and now have a daughter, a dog and a cat. She blogs about her modern life in India, her bi-cultural family and has a passion for all things DIY and colour. Whilst she lives in India blogging about her bright and colourful life she isn't the traditional Indian Wife blogger. Her blog is perfect for those who love DIY & Craft Projects which is what her blog now focuses on.


When A Canadian Girl Becomes A Tamil Iyengar Wife

Alexandra is a Canadian girl who made the move to India for love. They had a big fat Indian wedding and now reside in Hyderabad with their two gorgeous children. She blogs about her life as a bi-cultural family living in India and shares the love stories of other interracial couples. Since updating this post it appears that this blog has since been removed. Though I will leave it here in the event this is only temporary.


Is an American married to a Punjabi who once lived in India and has now moved back to her home country. She blogs about her experiences with life in India and hints & tips for those who should visit India, more particularly Punjab. Unfortunately at the time of updating this post it seems this domain name hasn't been renewed. Though I will leave it here in the event that it is only temporary or there is a new domain.


The Diary Of A Firangi Bahu Living In India

Lauren took a leap of faith and made the move to India from England for love and hasn't looked back since. She now has her own bi-cultural family with her first son. She started her blog with the hopes to share her experiences of marriage and motherhood as an English Wife living the Indian Life. Lauren has since taken a step back from blogging and isn't regularly publishing posts. However you will still find plenty of hints and tips based on her own experiences as a bicultural couple and family.


Life Abroad In Mixed Marriage/ Interracial Family

Marlena is a Polish girl who is married to a British Sikh and have a beautiful son together. She blogs about her multicultural life in a bid to help others in a similar position. So you can be sure to find useful hints and tips about raising a multicultural family.

Adventures Of An English Woman Trying To Make It In Mumbai

Is an English Events Conceptualiser, Sound Engineer and Writer living in Mumbai after making the move from England. She lives with her Punjabi partner and beautiful daughter. In her blog you can find her adventures, rants and pictures of her life as an expat in India. Including useful information for the expat alike, those in an inter-cultural relationship and anyone new to the Indian Culture in general.


Adventures In India As Told By A Wisconsinite

Kerri is an American who fell in love with an Indian and hasn't looked back. She blogs about her life in an inter-cultural relationship. Although she isn't blogging as frequently now, you can catch up on her adventures since 2011 when she began her blog.


Welcome To Our Polish - Hindu Journey

Is the story about a girl from Poland and a boy from India who knew after the first conversation they could not live without one another. Polindi Diaries follows their inter-cultural love story in Polish, however can be translated via Google.


This is the story about an American girl who fell in love with an Indian boy online and flew across the globe to be with him. This is a fairly new blog and has started chronicling her adventures being in an inter-cultural relationship.


Kids. Coffee. Cooking.

Shari met the love of her life belly dancing at her local Indian Restaurant. They are now married and have two sons living in America. Her blog Spiced Up Mom is full of tried and tested Indian Cuisines. She also blogs about her adventures living as a multicultural family. You can also jump onto her previous blog My Fancy Pantry for more recipes, however is no longer updated. As of 2019 you may have noticed that Shari is a contestant on The American series of Masterchef. So I am sure you can expect to see her blog updated with many more recipes now.


Our Adventures

Alyssa and Kamran is the adventures of a girl from America who fell in love with an Indian boy and married in 2012 in India. They now have two beautiful sons and live in America. Alyssa is now getting back into blogging about her multicultural life so you can be sure to find lots of useful information about inter-cultural relationships and raising a multicultural family.


Is the love story of Jennifer and Mayank who fell in love online and now live in America. Our 2 Worlds chronicles their adventures since beginning an inter-cultural relationship.


A Multicultural Lifestyle Blog

Nikita is a stay at home mum and career nomad who is married to an Indian man. They have a beautiful multicultural daughter together and live in America. Her blog Growing Up Gupta is about her unique multicultural family and also showcases other multicultural families. You will find plenty of hints & tips for those starting a multicultural family, marrying into another culture or if you are newly dating someone of another culture.


Andrea is a light-hearted Mexican girl married to an Indian boy and have a beautiful girl who is a blend of both worlds. Their paths intersected once upon a time and by chance she became Indian by Serendipity. Her dream is to share their story and crazy experiences on her blog as an intercultural family. Andrea started blogging a few years ago and now isn't as active online. But you can still check out all her stories, and anticipate new stories to come.

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