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The Bloggers To Follow About Indian Culture & Travel

Updated: May 14, 2020

The Bloggers To Follow About Indian Culture And Travel

I recently posted The Bloggers To Follow Who Have Married Into The Indian Culture, which features others like me, who have married into the Indian Culture. With many blogging about their adventures as a foreign wife living the Indian life. On their blogs you can find plenty of hints & tips for those who are in a bi-cultural relationship, marrying into the Indian Culture, raising a multicultural family or making the move abroad to India.

However there are plenty of other bloggers out there who also blog about the Indian Culture and Travel although they may not necessarily have married into the culture. These blogs are more informational with plenty of hints & tips for travelling to India and the best sights to see and cultural experiences to have.

Therefore this post will cover The Bloggers To Follow About Indian Culture & Travel. With many of these bloggers sharing their hints & tips from a Non Resident's view point. If there are any that I have missed that focus on Indian Culture & Travel then be sure to leave comments with the web address.

The Bloggers To Follow About Indian Culture & Travel

Rachel is an American who made the move to India after resigning from her nursing career. She spends her time travelling across the globe and blogging about her adventures. I have been following Rachel's blog since I commenced by own blog. Hippie In Heels is full of glamorous globetrotting hints, tips and places to go. When she is in India she resides in Goa one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. She posts plenty of useful hints and tips for solo female travel and has recently published a comprehensive eBook, An Insiders Guide To Goa. In her eBook you will find absolutely all the information you will need to plan and book a trip to Goa, the best sights to see and activities to do and so much more. You can purchase a copy of her eBook here.

*Update as of 2020, Rachel passed away late last year so you won't find many updates on the blog. However her family have decided to keep the blog and publish her remaining few unpublished articles.

The Transformative Travel Guide

Mariellen started her blog, Breath Dream Go almost eight years ago and is now an award winning travel site, with a focus on transformative travel experiences. On her blog you can find inspiration, advice, information and encouragement for anyone who wants to take a life changing trip. Whilst India is her main point of expertise, you can also find plenty of meaningful and authentic travel experiences from all over the globe.

We Travel Not To Escape Life But For Life Not To Escape Us

Anna is from England and has been travelling across South East Asia and Australia, eventually landing in India. She calls Goa her home now and blogs about her travels across India and the globe. Her blog is full of hints and tips about affordable travel and life in India as a solo female.


Sharrell is an Australian who made the move to India in 2005 searching for more in life. Fate lead her to meet her husband and they are now married living in Mumbai. Sharrell has published her very own memoirs, Henna For The Broken Hearted. You can find where to purchase a copy of her book here. She previously blogged about her lifestyle marrying into the Indian Culture however now writes the Indian travel content for web site Trip Savvy. There you will find comprehensive information on traveling across India, including hints & tips, comprehensive guides, travel itineraries and everything in between.

Information on India for the international community which one won't find easily on the mainstream media. Travel tips, culture & more.

Karolina is a European girl who fell in love with an Indian man and made the move to India. She did not love India at first but day by day she started discovering the unknown India and fell in love with the culture. On her blog India In Details she shares her perspective about Indian Life, including the good and the bad. You will be bound to find plenty of travel tips, culture and more.

Reshma is a native to India and has a love for travel, particularly solo travel. She recently started blogging for Hippie In Heels which is how I came across her site. On her blog she shares all her stories, tips - the good, bad & the ugly of travelling as the solo globetrotter.

Travel Blog From India

Anuradha is a native and blogs about her travels across India and the globe in her award winning blog, IndiTales. Her blog has a focus on offbeat destinations and tourist destinations to bring you the sights to see and things to do. You can find plenty of Indian travel hints & tips on her blog along with her own travel adventures.


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