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5 Indian Inspired Gift Ideas

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Here are five DIY hampers inspired by India that you can easily put together on any budget and alter to suit anyone’s taste. This was collated prior to the current pandemic we face, however they still make a great care package to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Especially since, as a result of this pandemic; most of us are in lockdown, are struggling financially or don’t have access to the basics. So why not put together a hamper for your friend, family or neighbour and gift them a touch of India.

5 Indian Inspired Gift Ideas


The Spice Lovers Hamper

Any Indian family will have a pantry full of spices or at least a masala dabba with a small amount of different spices readily accessible. My pantry is full of spices in 500ml jars, since they have a long shelf life if stored correctly. I can afford to buy them in bulk as they’re from our local Indian grocer. Then on my kitchen counter I have small easy to access jars like these large glass test tubes.

Spice’s make a great gift as they’re so versatile, with an array of different aromas and flavour's to suit anyone’s taste. Not only that but they’re convenient to have in the pantry with their long shelf life and ability to transform any meal.

You can buy these glass test tubes in a variety of sizes from most dollar stores, to suit anyone’s needs, whether they use spices regularly or on the odd occasion. Or you can simply use what jars or containers you already have available around the house.

The Tea Lovers Hamper

India is famous for tea, so why not put together a hamper of delectable sweets, chai spices and cute Indian/Moroccan tea glasses. You can’t go wrong with tea as there’s an array of different varieties to suit a variety of tastes.

T2 have an amazing selection of Moroccan tea glasses which aren’t that dissimilar to Indian tea glasses. The hints of luxurious gold and vibrant colours are sure to brighten anyone’s day, and not just the caffeine. Though tea is also prescribed to help induce sleep, which it certainly does for me!

Create Your Own Tea Lovers Gift Hamper
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You can also find an endless array of teas at T2 or you can try authentic Indian tea from your local Indian grocer. Indian black tea is much stronger as it is made from the stem finely cut up rather than the leaf as I have been told. Your local Indian grocer will also have a selection of Indian sweets both fresh and packaged, such as tinned & fresh gulab jamun’s, biscuits, bhujia and more.

This gift can easily be tailored to what you have readily available. So why not do it yourself and bottle up some black tea, make your own chai masala and add a couple of latte cups from the Kmart website for $1.50 or a four pack of glass mugs for $5.00. Or shop online and put together a selection from T2 and have it delivered directly to your friends or family. There’s an array of possibilities, so let someone know you’re thinking about them with some tea.

The Cooks Hamper

This is the perfect practical gift to give someone in today’s environment, with many becoming unemployed, struggling financially or struggling to put food on the table due to empty supermarket shelves. This can be done as both a gift hamper or meal in a jar gift.

The meal in a mason jar is still on trend, because it is so convenient yet looks stylish. Plus most people have a mason jar somewhere in their pantry. Both make the perfect stuck at home do it yourself project, whilst also letting someone know they’re being thought of. A win win in my books!

My favourite recipe to use is of course dahl aka lentil curry. You can follow my recipe Simple Lentil Curry or any recipe you prefer. It’s then just a matter of layering all the ingredients in the mason jar, or arranging the ingredients nicely in a hamper, basket or giftbag. You can also include cooking utensils to cook the meal with and print the recipe.

The Home Spa Hamper

Any woman stuck at home would love to receive a home spa gift hamper. Especially since you currently can’t just pop down to your local salon or day spa. So why not gift some relaxation and aromatherapy with a few beauty products and scented candles. There are so many possibilities to tailor this to suit a myriad of tastes.

My favourite is this Turkish Delight spice bazaar candle from Dusk. It smells absolutely divine and is reminiscent of a hot Indian summer night. It not only smells divine, but is a stylish piece of decor.

Making your own essential oil infused bath salts is so simple. You simply need a packet of Epsom salts found in most supermarkets for about $5 then add any essential oil for a delicious fragrance. I went for a rose fragrance and added some dried rose petals for added oomph.

Create Your Own Home Spa Gift Hamper
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If you want to make something a little more luxurious then why not try adding a small amount of coconut oil, Shea butter, almond oil or any similar oil, baking soda, lavender sprigs, dried herbs or flowers, sea salt, or colouring to make a colourful bath.

Dusk have an array of aromatherapy options, from scented candles, oil diffusers, scented mist sprays, wax melts and more. What better way to relax at home, with a scented candle burning, face mask, good magazine to read while soaking in a bubble bath.

The Pickled Peppers Hamper

Pickling is a great way to preserve excess or seasonal vegetables, as it extends their shelf life. It also adds great depth of flavour to otherwise simple ingredients. It’s also a great project to keep you entertained whilst on lockdown and makes for a stylish yet practical gift for anyone

It really depends on how much liquid is used, the size of your jar, and your personal preference to determine how much of each spice to include. But if you’re really stuck opt for roughly one teaspoon of each spice, except chilli flakes as the fresh ones already pack a punch. Download my pickling recipe card below.

Pickling Recipe
Download PDF • 3.73MB


So why not gift someone you know an Indian inspired gift to let them know you‘re thinking of them during these uncertain times, or as a small token of appreciation for someone you admire, or simply as a thank you or birthday gift. Whatever the reason, now is the time to let friends and family know you care. Especially since these gift ideas can be easily tailored to suit any budget or personal taste.

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