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Meet My Australian Punjabi Blended Family & Take A Look Inside Our Home

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Meet My Australian Punjabi Blended Family & Take A Look Inside Our Home
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Finally, my husband has given me the okay to share with you all our family on video. If you are married to a Punjabi you will probably know that they are very careful and somewhat apprehensive with what they share. For example, this especially applies to having a baby, and that is because they believe in essentially what I would call karma. Albeit many Punjabi's are Sikh, they are superstitious and the best way to explain it would be that they believe the negative thoughts of others can bring you or the baby misfortune.

Skip straight to the video on YouTube: Meet My Australian Punjabi Blended Family

When we had our first born, Jayden, it was months after he was born that I was given the okay to share that news on social media. Nowadays though, my husband and his family are more accepting of me sharing our family via social media. Which brings me back to my husband finally allowing me to start a YouTube channel so that we can share with you all a bit about our lifestyle, and other topics relating to being married to a Punjabi.

Therefore I am excited to introduce you all to my blended Australian Punjabi family and to give you a sneak peak inside our home and where it is we live. We currently live by the bayside southeast of Brisbane in Australia. Although we have lived in India with my husband's family for a year together, we are currently raising our family back in Australia.

Now, we are starting vlogging a little late, as since covid hit there are literally hundreds of other interracial couples who share their lifestyle on YouTube. So I do hope that something different will resonate with you about our family. I think it's great to have so much exposure for interracial couples on social media nowadays. Each couple is unique in their own way and all have something different to offer. But with that said it will obviously be a lot more challenging for us to get our videos out there amongst the rest of them. Therefore the more our content is shared. the more people we can reach.

So please do share the love and subscribe to our channel, plus don't forget to like and share. I'd love to hear from you so be sure to leave your comments and introduce yourself on YouTube, or below. I've probably met quite a lot of you already via the blog and Instagram, but for those who I'm yet to meet, do say hello.

As I actually met my great friend via social media, which was a complete coincidence. We just happened to live in the same neighbourhood and were both doing groceries at the same supermarket one day. She recognised me from social media and asked if that was me, and we've been friends ever since. Our sons actually have play dates every week, so don't be afraid to say hello. I enjoy meeting new people and making life long friends. Now without further a due:

Meet My Australian Punjabi Blended Family


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