Wildlife To See In Punjab

February 18, 2017


When I first arrived in Punjab and went for a jog around the local neighbourhood I was surprised at the array of wildlife that can be seen. Apart from cattle and wild dogs that roam the streets looking for piles of trash to riffle through, there are peacocks, chipmunks, several types of wild birds, buffalos, antelope and much much more.


Peacocks can be found wondering in scrublands of Punjab, which I am lucky enough to live right beside. They are not tame like those that may be found in wildlife reserves, so you will need to be quiet and patient to sight them. In the scrublands you will also find the cutest little chipmunk animals that are always sighted in groups. You can catch them scurrying up tree trunks and around the ground foraging. There are also many small bright and colourful birds that can be sighted. Apparently there are 636 different species of birds that can be found in the state of Punjab alone. So for the avid bird watcher visiting Punjab is a must.

The state animal of Punjab is the Black Buck, a species of antelope that can be found roaming the open plains. I personally haven't had the chance to sight a Black Buck though you can see them at National Wildlife Sanctuaries.  


If you are an avid animal lover then I have listed below the top 5 national parks that you must pay a visit to. Otherwise like me you are sure to sight peacocks, chipmunks, buffalos and many species of birds during your travels across Punjab.


Native Scrublands


 Peacock roaming in the wild


 One of the many species of bird



Top 5 National Parks To Visit While In Punjab 


1. Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary


The city of Abohar is located in the Fazilka District of Punjab towards the north-east of Sri Ganganagar city and southeast of the city of Fazilka. The Fazilka District was previously a part of the Firozpur District. The city is located close to the intersection of Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab and is also close to the international neighbour Pakistan.


The Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is renowned for its conservation work on saving the state animal, the black buck. Here you will find antelope in abundance and wild boar grazing freely on the grasslands.


2. Harike Wildlife Sanctuary


Harike Wildlife Sanctuary is located near the rivers Beas and Sutluj. Known for the Ramsar site which is home to numerous waterfalls, the sanctuary is home to an array of different bird species. Bird watching is one of the major activities with hundreds of species migrating here during the Winter.


3. Jhajjar Bacholi


Located near Anandpur Sahib city bordering Himachal Pradesh, Jhajjar Bacholi in the Shivalik region is known for its leopard sightings. Many species of animals such as sambar, beer, jackals and snakes like pythons are found here. 


4. Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary


The wildlife sanctuary of Bir Moti Bagh is located in the southern parts of Patiala in Punjab. This place is a significant destination of tourists attracting a large number of people across different corners of India. The sanctuary of Bir Moti Bagh encompasses an area of 654 hectares. Different species of deer can be spotted within the surrounding areas of the Sanctuary and makes it an interesting place for the visitors of Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary.


5. Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary


Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the biggest secured Wild Life Sanctuaries in Punjab. It is located in the western area of Nabha - Bhadson - Amloh Street of Nabha. The Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary falls in the district of Patiala. Among the animals found here are jackals, bulls, parakeets and rhesus monkeys.




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