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Thank you for looking into a partnership with The White Punjabi Bride.


Advertising via blogs has become a popular way for brands to gain followings. The White Punjabi Bride is a lifestyle blog documenting the adventures of an Australian girl married to a Punjabi boy as they integrate their cultures into their daily life as a family. The blog is targeted towards those who: are trying to blend cultures and raise a multicultural family; are dating an Indian or marrying into the Indian Culture with a specific focus on the Punjabi Culture; or making the move to live abroad.


Here a just a few ways we can work together:

- Freelance Writing: I enjoy writing, which is why I am a blogger, and can write for your site as a regular contributor or guest writer.

- Reviews: If you have a product, service or brand you are looking to promote I can provide a review as a once of post or ongoing partnership. All reviews will be my honest opinion only and no scripted reviews will be accepted. You must provide the product or service you are looking to promote free of charge which doesn't constitute as payment for my time.

- Ambassador: I can work with your brand and actively promote your brand on all social media platforms. I can demonstrate how to incorporate your product into their daily lifestyle. It must be a brand that I am passionate about, is of benefit to my readers or I believe in the cause, therefore I don't just represent any brand.

- Giveaways: If you have a product or service that can benefit my readers then a giveaway is a great way to spread the word. It must be a product or service that is of benefit to my readers and you must provide the product or service free of charge.

- Sponsorship: For a monthly fee you can have your logo advertised on my home page, have shout outs on social media or be mentioned in relevant posts. You can tailor a package to suit needs.

- Partnership: As a blogger I always try to support other bloggers, so if you're interested in working together be sure to drop me a line.

There are many ways we can collaborate so be sure to drop me a line and if needed request my media kit. 


Just submit a contact form and I will get back to you within 1-3 business days unless there are mitigating circumstances.


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may issue 2018

Article: Videshi Brides Blogging Desi Vibes by Zofeen Moqsood

little india mag
march 2017

Interview: From Australia To India: The White Punjabi Bride by Erin

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