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Unusual Punjabi Habits

Punjabi's are fun loving and passionate people yet they have some unusual habits. As I lived the Punjabi way of life I gradually discovered more and more of these habits. Here are just some of the more unusual habits I came across. What habits have you come across that you find unusual?

Leaving Plastic Packaging And Tags On Items

Whenever I visited friends and family they always brought out their best glassware and crockery. You could always tell as they never remove the sticker labelling and should I go to remove them, I always got looks from my family to leave it on. Even wedding photos hanging pride and centre on the living room wall still had the cardboard cornices left in place. Cushions inside a cushion cover had their plastic packaging left on it. You could always tell as when you went to sit on a cushion it would make a crackling sound. Essentially anything they have spent money on they will go to their utmost to keep them new. Given it is so dusty in Punjab I can understand leaving some packaging in place.

Can't Say No

Should someone extend an invitation to you that you don't necessarily wish to attend, you should never say no outright. Instead one should answer along the lines of, we shall try to make it or I am not sure what we have on that night. Rather ambiguous and difficult to determine how many seats to set at the dinner table if you are hosting a dinner party. Though it is considered rude to say no to someone hence the ambiguity.

No Sense Of Personal Property

I found it rather invasive when we had visitors and suddenly they are rummaging through my personal effects. One time I had left my doctor's file on the table and they just picked it up and started reading through it as if privacy didn't exist. I was shocked that they have no sense of one's personal property or privacy. However to them they see it as paying an interest in your life.

Following Faith Without Doubt Yet Question Science

Punjabi's are exceptionally religious and will do anything in the name of faith without a question. Many make long trips to The Golden Temple as they believe it has the closest connection to god. They travel these long distances to pray and give an offering to god, usually in the form of money. The more lavish the offering the more likely their prayers will be answered. Many of these pilgrims usually don't even have the means to provide these offerings. However technology and scientific advances they will question undoubtedly.

It's Okay To Urinate In Public For Men

You will see men urinate everywhere in India, as it is not seen as taboo. You will see men stop on the side of the highway in clear sight of all the traffic and urinate. However for a woman it certainly is not acceptable to do so. If you saw the state of a public bathroom, which are rare, then you probably would opt for going in public too. Though most don't bother to be discreet about it and will urinate anywhere with everything on display. Some even defecate in public too, however they do so usually in rivers or farm lands.

Spitting In The Bathroom

It is completely normal for one to clear their throat of any phlegm and blow their nose in the bathroom drain. I personally find this habit off putting and would prefer one used a tissue. Although this habit seems gross to a westerner it is completely normal in Punjab.

Honking To Overtake Traffic Or Turn

Rather than use an indicator drivers will blast their horn to overtake slow drivers or trucks on the road. Most Indian trucks even have honk horn please painted on the back. The horn is also used to indicate when turning. All those horns blaring makes for a very noisy commute and can be rather confusing as to which driver is honking at you.

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